That Table Over There

It's an image of a table, over there.

The Storymaker’s Association is starting another podcast!

You’re at a restaurant and hear a table of people nearby having a great time, and excitedly telling one another stories.  You can’t help but eavesdrop.  As your food arrives, you simply wish you were sitting at that table over there.

That Table Over There will be more storytelling than storymaking. No scripts. Just a few mics, drinks, and 4 people telling each other stories based on that episode’s topic. We’ll pick a theme for each episode so that the stories flow from one another in the kind of way they naturally would in a conversation and to help give our storytellers some focus. Episodes will be released with ambient noise, reactions, spilled drinks, and all.

Want in? The aesthetic we’re looking for is simple;

Listening to this show will be like overhearing a table nearby passionately telling one another stories.

We’re gathering a pool of people interested in each episode along with their story pitches–you don’t need to have the whole thing thought through yet, we just want to know the idea. Each episode will be e-mailed out as soon as the details are decided.  Think you’d be a good fit?  Reply to the e-mail and we’ll let you know the final call.

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Upcoming Themes and Shows

Guest spots are still open for shows listed below.

  • Ep. 3 – “Missed Connections” – Sunday, March 18th
  • Ep. 4 – “Eye Contact That Made Your Heart Skip” – Sunday, April TBD
  • Ep. 5 – “TBD” – Sunday, May …ish


Are there any rules?


  • Don’t name names.
  • Don’t improve or interrupt someone else’s story.  

What if I don’t live near the recording location?

  • Nick and Dani are arranging car pick-ups for most locations, so if you don’t live near a venue, contact one of the hosts to find out if we can get you there.  Most of the time, the answer will be yes.

Can I write a story about these topics instead?

  • Absolutely.  If this form of storytelling isn’t you bag of chips, feel free to write a story on this topic and submit it to The Storymaker’s Association to join the pool of bi-weekly releases.  Plus, you’ll still get your free beer in the form of a sweet payment.

Let us know if you have any other questions and we’ll update this list accordingly.